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International Travellers

Travelling to New Zealand from overseas? You can experience the hidden sights of our country too. Find out how...


Experience the ultimate off-road adventure in the stunning landscapes of New Zealand with 4x4 Explorer Adventures! As a premier guided-tour company, we are dedicated to taking you on unforgettable overlanding trails across the South Island. From the adrenaline-fueled tracks of Queenstown to the rugged 4WD trips along the captivating West Coast, we offer a range of packages designed to immerse you in the natural wonders of this breathtaking country.

Hiring and equipping your 4WD

What sets us apart is our unique self-catering and accommodation business model. We believe in providing you with the freedom to explore at your own pace while ensuring comfort and convenience.


Through our trusted partners, international travelers have the opportunity to hire a reliable 4x4 vehicle that suits their needs. Richard, our experienced team member, will personally ensure that you are equipped with top-notch camping and cooking supplies, allowing you to embark on your adventure fully prepared.

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