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4x4 Explorer Adventures Frequently Asked Questions

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What type of vehicle to I need to come on the adventure holiday?

You will need a 4WD with reasonable ground clearance and low range. Vehicles need low range to deal with some of the steep climbs and descents that will be encountered on some of the tracks. Ground clearance is the major important factor. If you are unsure, please contact us and we will advise you of you vehicles suitability.


Low profile tyres are not suitable for off road driving.


What modifications might I need to make to my 4x4 vehicle?

All vehicles must have at least one “rated” recovery point at the front and rear. These are relatively cheap and easy to fit. If you are unsure, we can point you in the direction of an Off Road garage that will be able to fit these for you.


You will also need a “snatch strap”, fire extinguisher, shovel and a first aid kit. All of this is basic equipment that should be carried if you’re going off road and would be required on any Club Trip.


What kind of tyres do I need?

We recommend mud tryes or good condition All Terrain tyres. These tryes will provide you with much more grip and will be more resistant to punctures. A spare of the same type should be carried.


Road tyres are not suitable.

Do I need any Off Road experience?

No you don’t. There will be people on the trip with varying levels of experience. Whilst we are not providing a 4WD course, we will provide advice on driving techniques and keep you aware of any potential obstacles and dangers.

Do I need a snorkel?

No you don’t, although you should be aware of the location of your vehicle’s air intake. We will be encountering river crossings on our trips, all of which are achievable in a vehicle without a snorkel during times of normal flow. Safety is paramount to us and your guide will decide if a crossing is feasible or not.



How long are the days?

We generally try to have “wheels rolling” at 09.00 and finish around 17.30, so that we can enjoy our evenings. The exact length of the day depends largely on the conditions encountered and the speed of the convoy.


We realize that this is a holiday and as such, try to keep the days to a reasonable length for everyone to enjoy.

Do I need a radio?

If you have your own UHF radio, that is great. Keeping in touch with everyone in the convoy is important and fun. If you don’t have your own radio, we will lend you a handheld radio for the duration of your trip.



Can I bring my dog?

Yes you can, although out of respect to everyone, they should be well behaved and not aggressive. Personally, we love dogs, but not everyone is the same. You should check with your accommodation provider prior to booking to make sure that they accept pets.



What happens if there is bad weather?

The individual Routes may change at the discretion of your guide, however the overnight stops will not. We have plenty of options if our planned routes are not possible due to inclement weather.



What happens if I break down?

If self-recovery is not possible, your guide carries a satellite communications device and will try to organize recovery, which will be at your expense.

We strongly advise that before coming on a trip, you have your vehicle serviced and thoroughly checked over by an experienced 4WD mechanic. Again, safety is paramount and no one will ever be left in a position of danger, however overall responsibility for your vehicles maintenance rests with you.

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